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Our Signature Drinks

BLICK fascinates with exciting drinks inspired my music. The aestetics of the drinks and the quality of the ingredients are most important. Various cocktails are served to match the location and the fascinating views. Classics and sepecial signature drinks created by our bar manager dominate the menu. Enjoy the sunset, order your favourite drink and let yourself be pampered in our bar. 

Framboise Royal
There's always something to celebrate with a glass of champagne. The special blend of raspberry, grapefruit juice and acacia honey make the champagne cocktail something special. Sparkling, refreshing with the contrast between sweet and sour, the drink surprises with its bold composition.
Follow the sounds of the music. The four compositions of the drink lead to a unique taste experience. Rum, Cointroir Noir and caramelized vanilla can be combined here. A splash of lemon and the signature drink becomes your favorite drink.
La Symphonie
La Symphonie is characterized by lavender. Lavender is particularly soothing and lets you relax in a unique ambience. The gin combined with St. Germains, lavender honey and lime water with a pinch of salt is a true eye-catcher that you will love.
Shine On
With the drink, we'll make you shine. The fruity drink consists of Siegfried Wonderleaf, homemade honey, ginger and lemon juice. The drink is electrifying and gives you enough energy for the evening to enjoy life - completely alcohol-free.
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